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19 May, 2024

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5 Mpx vision sensors can replace several low-res devices

08 June, 2020

The German sensor-maker Sensopart has announced a 5 Megapixel vision sensor which it describes as “unique”. The Visor V50 boasts an image resolution that is several times larger than standard vision sensors.

Such resolutions have previously only existed with “rolling shutter” devices that scan one line of pixels at a time, not for “global shutter” sensors, which record an entire area in a single image. This approach is not just faster, but it often results in better results – for example, when reading moving barcodes that are distorted in rolling shutter images and therefore difficult to read.

The sensors offer a resolution 2560 x 1936 pixels – three times higher than Sensopart’s previous high-end sensor, the Visor V20. They are said to achieve an image quality that was formerly available only with expensive, complex vision systems.

Sensopart’s vision sensor packs in a lot of pixels

In many applications, one V50 can replace up to four lower-resolution vision sensors, thus cutting costs. The sensor is available in various versions configured for specific applications such as code-reading and robotics. They are available with either a black-and-white or colour chips (except for the code-reading versions)

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