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3 December, 2023

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Sensor skin adds safety to six-axis collaborative robot

03 July, 2018

Bosch Rexroth has entered the world of collaborative robots (cobots) with a six-axis arm, based on a Kuka design, which uses a capacitive sensor skin to avoid collisions, without needing to make physical contact with an object. Equipped with more than 120 sensors, the skin allows the robot to stop automatically at a safe speed of 0.5m/s with a typical secure switching distance of 50mm.

The Apas Assistant cobot has a working range of 1,100mm and can carry loads of up to 10kg. It can be used in collaborative applications or as a stand-alone device.

There is a choice of IP20 or IP54 controllers, allowing users to decide whether to mount the controller in a control cabinet, or externally. The robot uses the mxAutomation PLC interface and is programmed using techniques established by Kuka.

Bosch Rexroth's Kuka-based collaborative robot has a capacitive skin that senses nearby objects

•  Bosch Rexroth has unveiled a new brand identity – its first since 2001 – intended to portray it as a provider of Industry 4.0 systems, alongside its traditionally strong position in industrial hydraulics. The new branding will be rolled out globally over the coming three years.

Bosch Rexroth's new branding made its public debut at the Hannover Fair earlier this year

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