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19 May, 2024

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Anti-sloshing tech moves liquids faster without spills

16 June, 2017

B&R Automation has announced a technology that, it says, will allow liquids to be moved quickly on production and packaging lines without any spillages. It claims that its Super-Trak linear transport system is the only one on the market to offer an anti-sloshing technology.

The term “slosh” is used to describe the behaviour of liquids in moving containers. If sloshing can be controlled, products can be moved faster. Minimising oscillations on the surface of liquids is particularly important in the packaging industry.

B&R’s technology suppresses the formation of oscillations on free surfaces, thus preventing liquids from spilling over container edges during transport. Specially developed movement profiles prevent positive feedback loops from developing on the surface of the liquid, ensuring that it remains calm when moving. This minimises downtime and increases productivity, especially when handling open containers.

B&R's anti-sloshing technology ensures that liquids remain almost flat while being moved on its Super-Trak transport system

The anti-sloshing technology can also prevent the formation of air bubbles and foam in liquids. The downtime that might otherwise be needed to allow the liquid to settle is thus reduced dramatically or eliminated entirely, resulting in a substantial improvement in packaging line productivity.

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