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19 July, 2024

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SPS IPC Drives 2014 exclusive show report

03 January, 2015

Parker has extended the top rating of its AC30 series of VSDs to 250kW. A recent update has added a pulse encoder feedback option bringing closed-loop capabilities to the drives, which can be used with either AC induction or PM servomotors. A Codesys-based software tool allows powerful PLC functions to be created in the drives.

Parker was also showing recent enhancements to its AC10 range of compact drives including IP66 versions, and power ratings that have been extended up to 180kW. Other additions include a fire mode and a “fly catching” function that recognises and matches the motor’s frequency on start-up to avoid the generation of EMF. The drives support sensorless vector control and can handle 150% overloads for one minute.

The Israeli manufacturer Servotronix announced a range of integrated closed-loop stepper motors said to deliver similar performance to servomotors. The integrated electronics in the stepIM motors control them as two-phase BLDC motors, offering position servo-loop, velocity loop, DQ current control and other functions. Closed-loop commutation, using a single-turn absolute encoder, optimises torque at any speed.

Servotronix also has a new range of dynamic servomotors, called PRO/PRO2, for applications with strict accuracy and stability requirements.

Siemens has developed a range of IE3 motors for use as roller table motors in steel plants, based on its Simotics 1LE1 platform. The ventilated four- and six-pole motors are designed to withstand high levels of shock and vibration, and can deliver 20–578Nm of torque. They are available in versions for mains operation, or optimised for use with its Sinamics S120 converters.

Siemens has also launched three software-based Advanced Technology Functions for the S120 family, allowing users to add application-specific functions to their drives. The functions – synchronous operation, camming and positioning of synchronous axes – can be downloaded from the Web. They allow drive-related tasks to be moved from an external controller to the drive.

Sigmatek announced a compact (21 x 59 x 22cm) servodrive that can control up to six motors. There are also three- and four-axis variants of the Dias Drive 1000, with rated currents per axis of 5–20A (peak 10–40A). Controller cycle times of 62.5µs provide precise positioning at high speeds. The drives offer various safety functions to SIL 3 / PL e. Plug-in feedback modules are available for resolvers, and EnDat 2.1 and Hiperface DSL encoders.

The Swiss manufacturer Technosoft launched several new products at the SPS show, including a compact, integrated motion controller, drive and PLC. The iPos 3604 HX-CAN drive can be used for sinusoidal or trapezoidal position, speed and torque control of rotary or linear DC brushless motors, and open- or closed-loop control of two- and three-phase stepper motors up to 144W. It is suitable for master-slave or standalone applications with continuous currents of 4A (peak 10A) and PWM frequencies of 20kHz.

Technosoft was also showing an “intelligent” stepless motor with an integrated motion controller and an absolute magnetic encoder that provides 4,096 counts/rev for accurate speed and position control, down to 5 arc-min. The compact (42 x 42 x 70mm) iMOT172S XM-CAN motor (above) can deliver up to 500mNm at 1,000 rpm without a gearbox. Technosoft says that its field-oriented control effectively transforms the motor into a stepless servomotor with low current consumption and heat dissipation. Initially, the motors support two versions of CAN. An EtherCat version is planned.

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