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14 April, 2024

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All-in-one HMI-PLCs offer new screen sizes and dense I/Os

21 October, 2014

Unitronics, the Israeli manufacturer of integrated controller-HMIs, has announced several extensions to its range including:

•  a 4.3"-panel version of its Samba all-in-one, palm-size PLC with a colour HMI and onboard I/O;

•  a 15.6"-panel version of its UniStream modular, expandable all-in-one control platform; and

• two new dense I/O models for the UniStream line.

The 4.3” version of the Samba joins the earlier 3.5” model. The 16-bit QVGA touchscreen can be used to enter and display data, including colour trend graphs and alarm screens. It supports 24 user-designed screens and up to 40 images per application. The built-in PLC offers functions including two auto-tuned PID loops, time-based RTC control, data-logging, recipes and more. The internal memory holds 0.5Mb of application logic, plus 512kb for fonts and 0.5Mb for images. Onboard I/O offer digital, analogue, and high-speed functions.

The Samba’s flat fascia and IP66/IP65/Nema4X rating makes it suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications requiring spray or wipedown capabilities. The 4.3” model has a USB programming port, while the 3.5” model uses RS-232. RS-485, Ethernet and CANbus ports can be added, and the Samba supports GPRS/GSM, email and SMS, as well as the TCP/IP, Modbus, DF1 slave, CANopen and J1939 protocols.

Unitronics now offers its modular Unistream controller-HMIs in a choice of three sizes

The new 15.6” version of the UniStream controller joins the earlier 7” and 10” versions of the modular control-and-HMI platform. The dual-CPU Unistream15TM has a colour touchscreen with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and 16M colours. Users can customise the all-in-one controllers by snapping CPU and I/O modules into the HMI of their choice. The platform supports RS-485, CANopen, UniCan, and Modbus (serial and Ethernet). It can adapt to third-party protocols, with the USB and serial ports supporting external devices such as modems, printers and barcode readers. Unitronics recently released new functions for the UniStream platform including a video player, HMI widgets and a PDF viewer.

The two new dense I/O models for UniStream allow users to implement more I/O points in less space, improving flexibility and helping to cut system costs. The W1616T model offers 16 transistor, pnp or npn inputs and 16 pnp outputs, while the UID-W1616R model includes 16 relay, pnp or npn inputs and 16 outputs. Both are 24V DC.

Unitronics’ UniLogic studio software is claimed to halve programming time by predicting a programmer’s intentions and reusing written code. Libraries of user-defined function blocks and HMI screens can be imported to new projects or shared with other programmers. The software’s predictive capabilities save time when defining I/O points, PIDs and other functions. 

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