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14 July, 2024

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Dry-running sliding material ‘has the lowest friction’

30 July, 2014

US-based Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products has developed a dry-running sliding material which, it claims, has the lowest coefficient of friction (COF) available. The company developed the Tivar HPV material to minimise backsliding issues in production environments with high speeds, temperatures and loads, or where aggressive cleaning agents are present.

Quadrant says that the FDA-approved UHMW-PE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) material will maximise motion and cut energy costs in materials-handling and automation applications. Further savings will come from protecting parts such as chains and belts from wear. It adds that the material will almost eliminate symptoms such as chatter and/or squeaking.

When developing the new material, Quadrant engineers studied conveying systems in aggressive and challenging environments to ensure good performance at all points where friction and wear appear – chain guides, sliding strips and guides, rollers, single and multiple corner wear bends and straight guides.

“Components made with Tivar HPV show improved sliding behaviour and high wear and abrasion resistance,” says Quadrant’s EPP PE line manager for the Americas, John Fisher. “This avoids excessive wear and deformation of parts to support the longest possible lifecycle in conveyors, and allow cost, time and safety benefits. The time required for failure analysis and installation of replacement parts is reduced, therefore the safety and return on your investment improves.

Quadrant says that its low-friction material will save energy in applications such as conveying

“The sliding advantage generates smoother, quieter operation without the need for applied lubricants such as oil and grease,” he adds, “protecting the environment and reducing noise pollution from the equipment.”

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