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14 April, 2024

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XY stages incorporate direct-drive linear motors

05 August, 2013

Aerotech has announced a range of two-axis linear motor stages that, it says, offer good geometric and dynamic performance in low-profile packages. The Planar DL stages are optimised for high dynamics and stiffness and can achieve velocities to 1m/s, accelerations to 1.5g, straightness to ±0.4µm, and flatness to ±1µm.

The stages are available in nine different travel and performance configurations, and incorporate Aerotech’s own direct-drive motor technology and integrated cable management system. The non-contact drive technology is said to out-perform rival screw-based and linear-motor designs.

The XY design delivers good planar geometric performance in applications where straightness and flatness of motion are critical. Precision, anti-creep crossed-roller bearings, and precision-machined surfaces result in high geometric tolerances. Unlike rival products that use recirculating bearings, the crossed-roller bearings provide the smooth motion needed for scanning applications.

The stages are available with one or two motors per axis, allowing each axis to be optimised for specific applications. Regardless of the number of motors used, the drive force acts through the centres of friction and stiffness, resulting in good geometric performance and accuracy.

Aerotech's Planar DL stages provide precise, dynamic motion

The stages are available in three positioning performance grades. The two high-performance options support accuracies and straightness values down to ±400 nm and orthogonality down to 1 arc-second.

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