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26 May, 2024

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Sensor displays are programmable

19 March, 2013

Baumer has developed a programmable display for sensors and instruments that indicates relevant data quickly, and has a colour-coded background to show alarms and other states of alert. Initially, the IP67-protected devices are intended for use as temperature and pressure gauges, but they can also be used with other sensors with a 4–20mA output. Other versions are planned.

Errors, warnings, alarms and other messages can be programmed into the device via its touchscreen or a PC. This can be done while a process is running, and the display can be modified later. The indicators can be mounted near a sensor or separate from it.

The background colour can be set, for example, to show green for normal operation, or red when action is required. The change of colour can be combined with flashing to attract attention.

Values can be displayed in various digital or analogue formats, including scales with pointers, bargraphs or illustrations. Different representations can be combined. The 80mm-diameter display can be rotated through 360° degrees in two axes, making it visible from almost any direction.

The CombiPress pressure gauge has an operating range from –1 to 400 bar and operates with a precision of greater than 0.1% of the measuring range. The CombiTemp temperature gauge spans the range from –50 to +400°C and achieves a precision of better than ±0.1°C. The modular gauges can be supplied without a display, which can be retrofitted later.

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