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20 April, 2024

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Claim your free chain wear guide

27 March, 2013

Renold is offering UK-based readers of Drives & Controls a free, easy to-use-chain wear guide. Visit a dedicated page on Renold's Web site to watch a short explanatory video and request your free guide.

Even the best chain wears eventually, and when wear reaches or exceeds 2% of its nominal length, the chain needs to be replaced. The free guide makes it easy to check a chain for wear. You simply hold the guide against a pin-head and count the number of pitches indicated for the chain’s size. If the pin falls on, or to the right of, the line for your size of chain, then it has worn to the point where it needs replacing.

 The guide will be sent free-of-charge to the first 1,000 applicants.

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