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21 January, 2020

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On-machine drive-motor combo can slash axis termination times to 30s

28 August, 2012

Rockwell Automation claims that machine-builders can slash control-system enclosure sizes and wiring times by using an integrated drive-motor system that combines a high-performance food-grade servomotor with a multi-axis servodrive in a single, compact, on-machine package.

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000M integrated drive-motor system marries an Allen-Bradley MP series brushless AC synchronous servomotor with a Kinetix 6000 multi-axis servo drive. The combination is said to cut the time needed to terminate servomotor power and feedback cables from about 20 minutes per axis for panel-mounted servodrives, to about 30 seconds, reducing installation times dramatically.

Moving the servodrives out of the control enclosure and onto the machine also delivers significant space savings, while reducing cabling. Rockwell estimates that the new pairing can reduce the panel space needed for a typical eight-axis system by up to 60%.

In addition, the number of cables leaving the control enclosure is cut by up to 75% by replacing the individual power and feedback cables usually needed for panel-mounted servo drives, by a hybrid/network cable daisy-chain.

Up to 16 integrated drive-motor systems can be daisy-chained to a single Kinetix 6000M power interface module using one hybrid power cable and one Sercos motion network cable. Axes can be added to, or removed from, the daisy-chain without needing to modify any components or wiring in the control enclosure.

Fewer cables help to reduce assembly time, the potential for wiring errors, and the time it takes to troubleshoot and repair a machine.

“Machine-builders face a variety of challenges,” says Paul Sipe, marketing manager for Rockwell’s motion business. “They need to balance the goals of increasing machine flexibility by using more servo axes, while reducing machine size and assembly labour costs. Now, integrated drive-motor technology can help them achieve these goals.”

The Kinetix 6000M drive-motor is designed to integrate with Rockwell’s Kinetix 6000 and 6200 multi-axis servodrive systems and includes a power interface module that mounts on a standard Kinetix 6000 power rail. The mounting flange and shaft dimensions are identical to MP series motors of the same frame size, minimising the mechanical changes needed to use the integrated drive-motor technology.
The IP66-protected system is suitable for servomotor-intensive applications such as packaging, converting, print and web machines. It is available in three frame sizes with continuous torque ratings from 3–7.25Nm and operating speeds from 3,000–5,000 rpm. It uses food-grade grease on the shaft seals as well as corrosion-resistant coatings and materials suitable for food environments. 

A built-in safe torque-off safety function is certified at SIL2/PLd when used with a Kinetix 6000 safe-off header. This prevents drive restarts after the safety circuit has been tripped.

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