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10 April, 2024

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PCB-based encoders are thin and light

01 November, 2005

PCB-based encoders are thin and light

Zettlex, the Cambridge company which has developed a novel inductive sensing technology, has announced a range of high-speed, precision motor encoders based on the technology. The ME series encoders are said to provide fast measurement for speed control, as well as precise measurements for low-speed position control.

The encoders are based on simple printed circuit boards which, when suitably coated, need no mechanical housing and can be sealed to IP68. The thin, light encoders have low angular moments of inertia, making them suitable for motors that need to accelerate rapidly. They can be produced in absolute or incremental versions.

A typical 22mm-diameter ME encoder can provide readings with a 17-bit resolution and operate at speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Other sizes and speeds are possible, with larger diameter versions offering higher resolutions.

Zettlex is planning to launch linear encoders based on its technology early in 2006.

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