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22 May, 2024

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Air-motor vanes can be replaced on site
Published:  01 January, 2008

A German air-motor manufacturer claims that its has made this type of machine much easier and cheaper to service by developing a method for replacing the vanes without disassembling the motor, or even needing to remove it.

Deprag air motor

Amberg-based Deprag Schulz has patented the design which allows the vanes to be replaced in situ using just an Allen key and a pair of tweezers, as shown above. The company has implemented the new design in its Basic-Line air motors, which come in 200W, 400W or 600W ratings. Eight different anti-friction planetary gears are available for each power stage.

Air motors are ideal for use in hazardous environments where sparks from electric motors could lead to explosions. They are heat-resistant and unaffected by vibrations and can be used underwater, or where resistance to dust, solvents or acids is required.

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