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10 April, 2024

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Running rings around bearing resonance

01 November, 2002

Running rings around bearing resonance

Rencol, the Bristol-based tolerance ring specialist, claims that it has found a way of reducing resonance in bearings which might otherwise shorten their lives. The company says that by using a tolerance ring mount instead of a bearing`s traditional rubber or solid contacts, you can eliminate low frequency vibrations and raise the frequency at which resonance occurs.

According to Rencol, this effect stems from the waveform around the circumference of the ring that touches the mating components. Because the waves are spaced out and have many contact points with the bearing, the damping characteristics are different from those of a bearing mounted directly in a casing.

Rencol says that, depending on the application, frequencies up to 30% higher than usual can be accommodated before resonance occurs, and that the resonance level will be "some 60% more stable". It expects this mounting method to be particularly useful for high-accuracy applications and for those in environments with high levels of vibration.

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