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30 November, 2023

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ODVA moves into motion - and demonstrates safe DeviceNet

01 May, 2004

ODVA moves into motion - and demonstrates safe DeviceNet

The industrial networking organisation ODVA has set up a group to develop standards for commissioning and maintaining distributed motion applications based on CIP - the Common Industrial Protocol which is used by DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP. The announcement of the formation of the Distributed Motion jSIG (joint special interest group) was made at last month`s Hannover Fair, which also marked the debut of the first DeviceNet Safety products which were shown communicating with each other.

The aim of the ODVA`s motion jSIG is to specify objects for multi-axis motion applications that need time synchronisation, such as electronic line shafts and cams. The objects will be based on CIP Sync, a standard for precise time synchronisation which is itself based on IEEE 1588. The group will also work on CIP-to-Sercos gateways.

"CIP Sync will provide a mechanism to synchronise the clocks across a distributed network, which will allow companies to replace proprietary solutions with a standard solution, and to replace custom network interface components with off-the-shelf components," explains Steve Zuponcic, who is chairing the jSIG.

The group expects to finalise its specifications within 12 months. Initially, it will develop synchronisation enhancements for Ethernet/IP, followed by other CIP networks such as ControlNet and DeviceNet.

Another ODVA jSIG is completing safety enhancements to CIP to allow standard and safety devices to operate on the same open network. The enhancements will cover safety applications up to Safety Integrity Level 3 (as defined by IEC 61508).

"This jSIG is the final step in preparing CIP safety for the plant floor," says Dave Vasjo who is chairing the CIP Safety jSIG. "Once the specifications are finalised, and CIP Safety products are available, plant engineers will have more flexibility for safety solutions, which will quicken system configuration, testing and commissioning."

The first implementation of CIP Safety, called DeviceNet Safety, will provide failsafe communications between nodes such as safety I/O blocks, interlock switches, light curtains, and safety PLCs. Several prototype devices were demonstrated communicating with each other on ODVA`s Hannover stand.

Standard DeviceNet devices can be used on the same wire as DeviceNet safety devices, with or without a safety PLC. Other implementations will follow, including EtherNet/IP Safety. The jSIG plans to publish its specifications by December and expects the first DeviceNet Safety products to go on sale next year.

• ODVA has chosen the four-pin, D-coded M12 connector as the pin-and-socket style connector for EtherNet/IP. It joins the IP67-rated RJ-45 connector that is already part of the network`s specification.

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