22 Jul 2024


VSD is first product to win US certification using digital twins

Using digital twins for product certification could cut costs and speed time-to-market

A variable-speed drive is the first industrial product to be certified for use in the US after some of the required tests were conducted using digital simulation. The simulation was verified and validated with physical testing.

The certification of the Siemens Sinamics G220 drive – thought to be a world-first for a national safety-certification process – marks a shift from relying solely on physical tests to integrating digital simulations. It could reshape the future of verification, resulting in lower costs and shorter times-to-market.

Traditionally, product certification has demanded exhaustive physical tests, often subjecting a product to a battery of assessments. Simulation based on digital twins could solve the challenges and costs of testing products containing high-power electronic components, in particular.

The new certification process, developed by Siemens and the safety science specialist UL Solutions, means that products may not need to undergo every test physically. Digital twins could be used instead. Siemens says it marks a step forward into a future in which digital twins and the industrial metaverse streamline product development, enhance innovation and safety, and accelerate time-to-market.

“Siemens’ digital twin technology is rewriting the rules of innovation,” says Cedrik Neike, CEO of Siemens Digital Industries. “This collaborative effort with UL Solutions is a testament to our dedication to a future in which innovation knows no bounds. It invites industries and innovators alike to explore the limitless possibilities that comprehensive digital twins offer for shaping the future of product development.”

“Our collaboration with Siemens in this transformative journey represents a significant shift in the certification paradigm,” adds Jennifer Scanlon, president and CEO of UL Solutions. “The certification process relies on physical testing. Now, digital simulations integrated with traditional methodologies can redefine how our customers approach testing and certification and open new avenues for precision and efficiency. UL Solutions is proud to be part of this revolutionary leap.”

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