23 Jul 2024


UK start-up aims to make life easier for IIoT developers

A new UK company has been created to help systems integrators and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) developers to market their products faster and at a lower cost. Bristol-based Sixis has been set up by industry veterans Chris Begent and Tony Richardson and will sell technologies originally developed by Telemesis ­– formerly the telemetry division of AlanDick, which Begent and Richardson acquired as part of an MBO team in 2008.

While Telemisis has focused on the power generation and telecommunications markets, with sales in more than 100 countries, Sixis will target the general industrial market and will focus initially on the UK. It is sub-contracting the manufacturing of its products.

The technology on offer consists of two cellular-enabled, IIoT edge devices – called the Sixis Mini and Midi – and the Sixis Connection Manager, which handles communications between these devices.

♦  The Sixis Mini manages the harvesting of data, remote control of equipment, or the integrity of communications paths, allowing users to focus developing IIoT applications.

♦  The Sixis Midi offers more sensor and control connections in the same compact, low-power-consumption package. It is aimed at more complex environments.

Both devices are designed to address the challenges of harvesting high-quality sensor data and remote control of equipment in IIoT applications.

“We aim to help system integrators and developers of Industrial IoT applications to bring their products to market more quickly and at a lower cost, by providing them with a complete Industrial IoT device solution,” Begent says. He reports that there has already been “a lot of interest”.

“We’ve poured over 100 man-years of experience into the design and manufacture of every Sixis device station, laying a solid foundation for any Industrial IoT application,” Richardson adds.