24 Jul 2024


Smart alternative to conveyors moves heavier loads

Rockwell’s iTrak 5750 track system offers a flexible alternative to traditional conveyors

Rockwell Automation has announced an electromagnetically-driven production-line transport system that has been optimised to carry loads of more than 10kg at speeds of up to 5m/s. The iTrak 5750 Intelligent Track System offers an alternative to traditional conveyor systems that Rockwell says will give users “the opportunity to redefine machine productivity using faster, smarter and more flexible motion”.

The closed-loop system – an expansion of the existing iTrak portfolio – comprises of a variety of straight and curved tracks, allowing installations to be tailored to suit the application. Rockwell says that it offers a “revolutionary” way to move goods and provides an opportunity to design more reliable machines that need less maintenance and deliver high levels of productivity.

Items are carried independently on individual movers, whose motion is controlled easily via user-friendly software profiles. Rockwell says that the technology can remove bottlenecks and boost productivity so that short runs can become more profitable, while margins can be expanded in standard runs.

A system can consist of up to 128 movers, which come in four sizes from 50 x 50mm to 100 x 100mm. The movers are tracked and traced automatically. The system supports Safe Torque-Off and Safe Stop 1 functions up to SIL 3 / PLe.

Integration with Allen‑Bradley products provides optimised communication and synchronisation with other systems, such as robots.

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