25 Jul 2024


RS adds details of more than a billion parts to DesignSpark

RS has added a “Product Design Centre” – a product data library with information on more than one billion electronic components – to its DesignSpark online CAD platform and community. It says that the PDC will enhance the platform’s CAD library that already provides more than 40 different types of content, including product data, environmental and lifecycle information, as well as 3D models, footprints and schematics.

RS says that the new library represents the most comprehensive collection of technical and environmental attributes currently available from a single site. The information will allow DesignSpark members to make more informed decisions about the products they use in their designs.

The new product information will be available for all versions of DesignSpark – both free (Explorer) and paid for (Creator and Engineer). This information will include datasheets, 3D models, schematics, and environmental and lifecycle information.

The Creator and Engineer subscription options add more details such as lifecycle and environmental risks, and RoHS and Reach compliance information. And the Engineer option goes even further to offer detailed product information such as technical attributes, predictive lifecycles, alternative products, and product change and end-of-life notifications.

“We’ve worked closely with [the engineering data and technology company] Accuris – formerly S&P Global Engineering Solutions – to deliver this substantial increase in product information, which can be crucial to design engineers that need to ensure components and products are safe, fit for purpose, or have less impact on the environment,” says Mike Bray, vice-president of innovation and DesignSpark at RS.

“The new Product Design Centre is just one of the comprehensive features now available across all the DesignSpark subscription choices, which provides a package of CAD software, design services, training and support – estimated to be worth than more £1,000 – to design engineers, pro-creators and students,” he adds.

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