24 Jul 2024


Plug-and-play IoT kit monitors machine conditions

Harting and Bosch say that their kit will simplify condition monitoring

Bosch and Harting have joined forces to produce what they describe as the first plug-and-play IoT kit for industrial applications. The kit – which is IP54-protected for use without a protective enclosure – allows quick and easy digital condition monitoring of any type of machinery.

Selecting, installing and integrating condition-monitoring components into existing infrastructures can be costly because IT specialists are often needed. According to Bosch and Harting, previous IoT starter kits were suitable for prototyping, but were not designed for long-term use in industrial environments.

The new kit combines a Bosch CISS (Connected Industrial Sensor Solution) multi-sensor module with Harting’s Mica edge computing system. The developers say it can be operating within a day and start generating data immediately.

The compact, IP54-protected CISS sensor module can be attached to any surface where it monitors up to eight physical parameters, including temperature, humidity, vibration, change of position, pressure, light, magnetic fields and acoustics. The IP67-protected Mica mini-computer can also be installed near a machine without needing a control cabinet. It is connected to the sensor module and the local network using standard connectors.

Immediately after start-up, the sensor data is available in the MQTT format and can be displayed on a Web browser. The data can be analysed and stored in an IT system or IoT platform, and a connector for Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is built in. Local data storage is also possible by adding database software to Mica.