25 Jul 2024


Motor protection breaker is ‘smallest on the market’

The Brazilian motors and controls manufacturer WEG has launched a Class-10 motor protection circuit breaker which, it claims, is the smallest on the market. The MPW80 breaker is aimed at applications requiring high short-circuit switching capacities and compact dimensions.

The device protects motors against overloads and short-circuits and senses phase losses to IEC 60947-4-1, thus cutting downtime. By adding optional accessories, it can also protect against voltage dips and interruptions.

“In line with our commitment to strengthening our automation offering, WEG has developed the MPW80 motor protection circuit breaker to offer very compact design, high robustness and high reliability,” says Zoltan Schaaf, WEG’s manager for low-voltage switchgear.

The breaker, which can switch and protect IE3 motors, is designed for rated currents from 32–80A and to interrupt short-circuit currents up to 65kA at 415V. It is compatible with WEG’s CWB contactors, allowing compact motor-starter combinations to be assembled using adapters. A variant (MPW80i) can protect non-motor loads, such as resistive loads, or provide short-circuit protection in a starter combination, while providing the advantages of electronic motor protection.

The breakers compensate for temperatures from –20 to +60°C. Their status can be seen at a glance with indicators showing clearly whether they are on, off or tripped.

WEG has developed a series of accessories suitable for all of its motor protection breakers (types MPW18, -40 and -80), thus reducing the number of items that need to be stocked. These include devices that allow users to monitor trip signals remotely.

The breakers are manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC/EN 60947 (DIN VDE 0660), and are also available with UL/CSA approval for the North American market.