25 Jul 2024


Integrated portfolio will help companies to go digital

Hemmelgarn: blurring the boundaries

Siemens has announced an integrated portfolio of software, services and an application development platform to help companies of all sizes to become digital enterprises. Called Xcelerator, the portfolio combines Siemens’ software for design, engineering and manufacturing, with an expanded version of its Mendix low-code, multi-experience application development platform, which now includes cloud and app services for digital engineering and Internet of Things (IoT), powered by Siemens’ MindSphere cloud-based, open IoT operating system.

The company has also renamed its Siemens PLM Software business as Siemens Digital Industries Software, reflecting the expansion of the company’s applications, tools and services.

“Siemens has a long history of delivering innovation by blurring the boundaries between engineering and operational domains and bringing together the virtual and real worlds,” says Tony Hemmelgarn, CEO of Siemens Digital Industries Software (who was previously CEO of Siemens PLM Software). “Xcelerator continues that tradition, combining our full portfolio of software that spans from electronic design automation through product lifecycle management with the Mendix platform and MindSphere for IoT.

“Unique to Xcelerator,” he adds, “is the ability to build personalised applications that can capture feedback and performance and feed those insights back into design and manufacturing – delivering on the promise of the digital enterprise across the discrete and process industries.

Hemmelgarn says he is “excited to be moving into the future as Siemens Digital Industries Software – a new identity that reflects our broad portfolio of digitalisation software and services that are where design, engineering and manufacturing meet tomorrow”.

Xcelerator brings together Siemens’ portfolio of software for design, simulation, manufacturing, operations and analytics, with embedded tools and databases that connect to existing IT (information technology), OT (operational technology) and engineering technology environments. This integration allows rapid innovation and validation of products and operations by creating precise digital twins, which combine model-based simulations with test data and real performance analytics.

Following its acquisition last year of Mendix, which specialises in low-code and no-code application development, Siemens is now expanding the Mendix platform, adding the power of the cloud to help users build apps that can integrate and extend their current systems with new types of data, and to new users. Mendix can be used to build multi-experience apps and share data on any device, from any location, on any cloud and any platform, and to realise the benefits of digital transformation.