23 Jul 2024


Field controller simplifies upgrades of DC motor systems

Users of DC motors can upgrade their installations to modern systems with digital communications, without needing complex external devices, using a new DC field controller released by Rockwell Automation. The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex controller will help them to gather data on their DC installations via digital networks.

The controller provides three-phase, four-quadrant (reversing) DC motor or generator field control, and comes in ratings from 17–575A with inputs of 200V and 500V. It can be used on its own or with a Rockwell PowerFlex DC digital drive. In the stand-alone mode, it provides power to a DC motor field with a fixed reference by using fixed I/O. It can also control electromagnets and other non-motor loads.

“For DC retrofit applications that require motor reversing, the PowerFlex DC field controller helps eliminate the need for an additional armature bridge or a complex system of external devices, saving customers both time and money,” explains Rockwell product manager, Nancy Rivard. “Having a single source for all automation equipment – including both AC and DC drives – also simplifies machine start-up, operation and maintenance.”

The field controller enhances the capabilities of the PowerFlex DC drive family, which can handle applications up to 4MW (6,000hp). The drives have similar capabilities to Rockwell’s PowerFlex AC drives, including integration into a Logix-based environment, flexible feedback and communication options, as well as voltage settings suitable for global applications.