22 Jul 2024


Engineering platform will be easier to use and more efficient

Eplan’s Platform 2022 has a new user interface with support for both dark and light modes

At the recent online version of the Hannover Fair, Eplan previewed its forthcoming Eplan Platform 2022, due to launch soon on a subscription basis. A new user interface with ribbon technology and a dark mode is claimed to improve ease of use, while a new 2D graphic module and central device management optimise performance.

Variable tabs give users direct access to often-used functions. A multifunctional toolbar with ribbon technology adapts to the application – for instance, when switching from 2D to 3D. It also combines different menus and toolbars into one. The user interface for both 2D and 3D engineering has been redesigned, while a new graphics module in the 2D area ensures optimal performance, even for large projects.

Processing has been accelerated significantly, especially when importing DXF or DWG files. A new centralised device management system offers more flexibility for converting device data.

A new Backstage view lets users edit all aspects of an Eplan Project from a central location – for instance, to create and open projects, import DWG files, and export PLC or manufacturing data.

A new Eplan service for cross-project collaboration will allow users to upload Eplan Platform projects to the cloud and to share and work on them there. The service, called Eplan eManage, allows direct connection of premises to the cloud. A free version is already available and an expanded, paid-for version will be launched in August.

The subscription model for the new engineering platform is said to reduce the investment risk for companies because of its low entry prices and more flexible planning options.

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