25 Jul 2024


Compact EtherCat drive modules fit in tight spaces

ACS Motion Control has announced a series of compact EtherCat drive modules for use with servo, stepper and voice-coil motors. The UDMSD modules are based on a dual/quad-axis drive and are designed for motors with continuous power ratings from 10–100W (200W peak). Users can choose the type of motor, which can be set differently for each drive.

The drives are aimed at demanding multi-axis motion applications with limited space, such as inspection heads, manipulators, moving-coil actuators, and table-top motion stages.

The small size, low weight and minimal cabling of the drives make them suitable for mounting remotely on moving stages. The modules support up to four digital incremental encoder channels and two absolute encoder channels. They include a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to support other feedback devices, such as autofocus signals.

“The UDMSD series is designed for cost-sensitive applications that demand high-performance motion control in a small package,” says ACS general manager, Jason Goerges. “These compact EtherCat drive modules offer superior multi-axis motion control compared to other available options in the market today.”

The modules can operate under any ACS EtherCat master motion controller. These controllers can manage networks of up to 64 axes and thousands of I/O points. The drives are available for continuous currents of 1.25A (2.5A peak) and 2.5A (5A peak). They are powered by a 12–48V DC supply voltage, and a separate 24V DC ±20% control supply that keeps the logic signals alive during emergencies.

The modules can be mounted on panels or DIN-rails. The connectors for motors, encoders and I/Os are all sub-D type.