24 Jul 2024


AI maintenance tool predicts failures ‘days in advance’

The Asset Risk Predictor helps maintenance teams to spot anomalies and to prevent equipment failures days before they would occur

Fiix Software, the Canadian CMMS (computerised maintenance management system) specialist that Rockwell Automation bought in 2020, has announced a “game-changing” AI (artificial intelligence) product, that it claims, will predict equipment breakdowns days before they happen by learning the signs of equipment failure in as little as seven days.

The Asset Risk Predictor (ARP) uses AI sensor data, machine recipes, and operating environment data to predict asset health, allowing equipment users to eliminate impending failures before they occur.

By viewing daily risk levels for each asset that they monitor, the users can expect fewer breakdowns, and spend less time on manual inspections. “Anyone can act on the insights in seconds,” Rockwell suggests.

Other claimed benefits include lowering the costs of resources and production time that might otherwise be wasted on unnecessary maintenance, and removing the guesswork from traditional predictive maintenance procedures.

“ARP empowers customers to transition to predictive maintenance, saving on monitoring costs and preventing downtimes,” says Fiix by Rockwell Automation group product manager, Liudmila Domakhina. “It’s a testament to our commitment to innovation in the maintenance industry.”

The Asset Risk Predictor can be purchased and used independently from a Fiix CMMS, or can be integrated into the CMMS. When ARPs are connected to a CMMS, users can react to potential failures faster by automatically creating work orders in the CMMS.

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