23 Jul 2024


‘World’s smallest’ SiC inverter for HEVs will free up space

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a working model of an ultra-compact silicon carbide (SiC) inverter for hybrid electrical vehicles (HEVs) that, it believes, is the smallest of its type in the world, with a volume of just five litres. The inverter also is thought to offer the highest power density for two-motor HEVs of 86kVA per litre, thanks to its use of full-SiC power semiconductor modules with a high-heat-dissipation structure that solders the power semiconductor modules to heatsinks.

The new inverter technology will improve fuel and energy efficiency, allow more flexible placement, and free up interior space in vehicles. By reducing the amount of space needed for inverters and motors, Mitsubishi predicts that the technology will to help meet the growing demand for HEVs

Mitsubishi Electric will continue to develop the compact SiC inverter technology for mass production, and aims to commercialise its use for hybrid and pure electric vehicles by around 2021

This development has been supported by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (Nedo).