22 Jul 2024


Water-based gearbox lubricant is ‘the world’s first’

Last year, the German lubricant specialist Klüber Lubrication announced that it had developed a water-based lubricant that, it predicted, could revolutionise the future of lubrication, and solve challenges with regard to performance, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of lubricants. Initially, the Hydro Lubricant technology was available only in the form of a specialised lubricant for conveyor belts.

Now, Klüber has released “the first” water-based lubricant for high-speed spur, bevel and planetary gears. Called Klübersustain GW 0-460, its viscosity-temperature behaviour allows lubricant films to form over the whole operating temperature range of a gearbox. Its low tendency to foam ensures uninterrupted operation of components, while its good electric conductivity protects them against electro-corrosion.

“Major advantages of our pioneering lubricant concept are the optimised friction behaviour as well as the excellent cooling characteristics that contribute to lower temperatures in gears and rolling bearings,” explains Matthias Pfadt, Klüber’s manager of application engineering. “The new gear lubricant, based on water and a synthetic base oil, offers a new performance level which meets the growing requirements and increasing power density of modern gears. It also makes a major contribution to energy efficiency.”

In the new lubricants, water forms a homogeneous solution with oil-based lubricants. The resulting fluid is non-toxic, non-flammable and sustainable. New water-soluble ingredients could be added to achieve properties such as enhanced cooling or reduced friction.

Klüber – part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities – is working with partners from a variety of sectors on using Hydro Lubricants for other applications and components.