25 Jul 2024


Vibration-powered generator harnesses smaller shakes

Vibration-powered generator harnesses smaller shakes

Perpetuum, the Southampton-based developer of vibration-powered microgenerators, has come up with a more efficient version of its technology. The company`s new PMG17 generator can generate useful energy from lower levels of vibration than previously possible, widening its potential applications in areas such as using machine vibrations to power wireless condition sensors.

“This technology is continuing to prove itself following the successful launch of our first-generation microgenerator earlier this year,” says Perpetuum`s chief executive, Roy Freeland. “This new product is the next major breakthrough in the technology. It allows users to gain valuable data from levels of vibration that are 35% lower than previously possible. No competitive offering has come close to this level of performance in terms of the conditions under which it will operate reliably.”

The new generator (above) can generate up to 100µW when attached to equipment running at 50Hz or 60Hz. It operates over a frequency band that includes common slip frequencies for AC motors and is said to work with most induction and synchronous motors, without adjustment.

The power generated is sufficient to power a wireless transmitter sending up to 6kb of condition monitoring data every few minutes, or smaller amounts of data, such as temperature readings, several times a second. The sensor can be attached in any orientation and needs no maintenance.