23 Jul 2024


Variohm acquires Heason from receivership

The Variohn Holdings group has acquired the assets of the Heason Technologies Group, the West Sussex-based supplier of precision motion control equipment, which entered administrative receivership in July. After Heason Technologies ran into difficulties, its assets were transferred to a new company, Heason Technology, which Variohm has now acquired.  

Heason’s engineering and sales operations will continue to operate from its premises at Broadbridge Heath, near Horsham, but some administrative and accounting functions will be transferred to Variohm’s headquarters at Towcester, Northamptonshire. Heason’s seven members of staff will be staying on, with founder and managing director David Wheeler taking on a sales role.

Variohm, which specialises in sensing technologies, says that the addition of Heason will provide it with additional expertise in the areas of electrical and electronic control, and positioning technologies. It adds that shared marketing activity will provide Heason with greater exposure and will allow Variohm to offer a more balanced product portfolio and provide a more comprehensive service to its customers.

Heason began life in 1982 as a subsidiary of the German/Japanese precision gear specialist, Harmonic Drive. In 1994, Wheeler led a management buyout and the organisation changed its name to the Heason Technologies Group. The company represented a variety of suppliers including Baldor, BEI Kimco, Delta Tau, Emoteq, Nanomotion, Spinea and ZF. These relationships are expected to be maintained, as will the Heason name.

Heason’s target markets include the aerospace, printing, fibre optics, simulation and robotics industries.

According to Variohm’s administration director, Cathy Donaghue, the acquisition will bring economies of scale. Variohm plans to extend is close, “hand-holding” relationship with its customers to Heason. Donaghue adds that “we are looking to cross-sell, where appropriate”.