23 Jul 2024


Vacon stakes claim to 20% of UK HVAC market

Vacon stakes claim to 20% of UK HVAC market

Another AC drives supplier has stepped into the fray over how the UK HVAC drives market is carved up. Unlike ABB and Danfoss, the Finnish drives-maker Vacon is not claiming to be the UK market leader, but it does reckon it has about 20% of the market.

Vacon`s drives enter the UK HVAC market through a combination of channels including versions carrying Trend Controls and Honeywell badges, and third-party routes such as OEMs and systems integrators. According to Vacon`s UK MD Stephen Takhar, the 20% market share figure comes from Frost & Sullivan`s March 2005 UK Electric Drives Sourcebook.

Vacon has recently signed a deal with the Korean electrical equipment supplier Hyundai Heavy Industries, under which Hyundai will supply Vacon AC drives carrying its own brand name.