22 Jul 2024


Users access cloud-based HMI platform via Web browsers

Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Optix platform allows users to design, test and deploy applications from Web browsers anywhere, at any time

Rockwell Automation has announced a new addition to its visualisation portfolio – a cloud-enabled HMI (human-machine interface) platform that allows users to design, test and deploy applications from Web browsers anywhere, at any time. The FactoryTalk Optix platform is said to deliver new levels of collaboration, scalability and interoperability, and will help users to improve their processes, efficiency and deliverables.

The platform has been designed to be flexible and to offer options:
Design Users can design and test projects in a modern, object-oriented programming environment.
Deployment Applications can be created once and deployed to any device.
Graphics Graphics can be styled for a global audience and provide a responsive experience .
Extensible Machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud communications, enabled by OPC UA, MQTT, IOT native connectivity and an open C# interface, help to achieve openness and interoperability.

FactoryTalk Optix is one of five core elements in Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Design Hub, which allows industrial organisations to transform their automation design capabilities with a simpler, more productive way of working, powered by the cloud. Teams of all sizes, skills and locations can enhance collaboration, improve lifecycle management and have access to cloud-based software, while adhering to the latest security standards and IT best practices. The result is claimed to be increased productivity, faster time-to-market and systems that cost less to build and maintain.

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