23 Jul 2024


Universal motor technology `sets new standards`

The Hong Kong based motor manufacturer Johnson Electric has announced a range of universal motors based on a patented technology that, it asserts, sets new standards for energy efficiency, power density and eco performance.

“The Quattro-Pole product line is an important industry milestone in universal motor technology, which hasn’t witnessed any significant innovation in decades,” says Jim Dick, Johnson’s senior vice president of strategic marketing.

The motors (above) have a “unique” configuration of four magnetic poles and two coils, said to deliver more power in a smaller package than conventional universal motors. The magnetic flux path design reduces reluctance and therefore increases efficiency.

The motors are aimed at a wide range of applications, including domestic appliances and portable power equipment. In kitchen blenders and food processors, for example, Johnson claims that the Quattro-Pole motor will deliver up to 30% higher torque at low speeds, or 30% higher speed with more power, allowing manufacturers to create more efficient appliances.

For outdoor power equipment, such as electric leaf blowers, the motors can generate 20% higher air power, in a 20% lighter package, allowing faster leaf cleaning and more efficient mulching.