25 Jul 2024


Ultracapacitors save braking energy to fend off power cuts

Siemens' ultracapacitor modules recover braking energy from drives to avoid peak loads and keep systems operating during power cuts

Siemens has announced a range of ultracapacitor modules designed to recover and store braking energy from machines to avoid peak loads and ensure that the machines continue to operate during power outages. The DLC UltraCap modules can store energy for machinery such as handling systems, robotics, machine tools, metal-forming technologies, and wood, glass and plastic processing systems.

The modules have a nominal voltage of 95V and are typically connected in series to achieve the required operating voltage level. They can be connected via a DC-DC chopper or directly to the DC link of a drive system. Multiple modules can be used in parallel to tailor their energy storage and performance to an application.

The modules conform to CE and UL guidelines for both series and parallel switching. They are housed in racks with lateral ventilation slots. All connections are on the front, allowing easy, space-saving installation into control cabinets. An integrated processor monitors the ambient conditions and the state of the capacitor cells. These values can be called up via a bus interface, allowing continuous monitoring.

The ultracapacitor modules are part of Siemens’ Smart Power Management (SPM) system for its Sinamics drive systems. They ensure that machines will continue to operate even with unreliable power supplies, and improve the availability and productivity of the machines, while cutting installation and energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The DLC modules can be combined with electrolytic capacitors, flywheel storage systems or batteries. Siemens can analyse load profiles and offer advice on the selection and design of a storage systems and how to optimise power flows.