24 Jul 2024


UK’s Megger buys Baker motor-testing business from SKF

Baker specialises in equipment for testing and monitoring electric motors and other rotating machines

The UK test equipment manufacturer Megger Group has entered into an agreement with SKF to purchase its Baker Instrument business which makes equipment for testing and diagnosing electric motors and other rotating machines. The terms of the deal of have not been disclosed.

SKF acquired Baker for $14m in 2007. At that time, the Colorado-based business employed 62 people and had annual sales of around $11m. SKF said that the move into motor diagnostics was important to its energy efficiency business, and was in line with its move to support its customers sustainability efforts.

But now SKF is selling off operations that it does not regard as being core to its business, to focus on rotating shafts and allied technologies and services. Most recently, it announced that it was selling its linear and actuation technology business, SKF Motion Technologies, to the venture capital company Triton for $310m. To date, its divestments have raised around $760m.

Baker Instrument has been a leader in electric motor testing for more than 50 years. It pioneered stress testing for motors and dynamic testing for predictive maintenance.

Megger’s CEO Jim Fairbairn, says: “We are excited to acquire a recognised industry leader with equipment and online testing capability that will complement Megger’s product range. We look forward to working with the Baker team to drive continued growth and innovation.”