24 Jul 2024


Two-pole HV motor ratings extend to 13.5MW

The motor, available in ratings up to 13.5MW, extends the company’s range upwards from IEC frame size 400 to 800, thus covering most HV pumping applications.

“We developed this new product following requests from customers for a high-power two-pole motor,” explains Karita Forss of ABB’s HV induction motor product management. It has been designed for low maintenance and a long lifetime, even when used in harsh environments

Designing such motors poses challenges, especially with regard to cooling and stresses. The design team used FEM (finite element method) analyses to optimise airflows, and to improve ventilation. A new rotor bar was designed to ensure that the rotor withstands stresses during start-up and running. A solid shaft provides the necessary rigidity.
The low-vibration motor can operate on supplies from 6–13.8 kV. It is being targeted initially at fixed-speed applications up to 3,000 rpm with direct-on-line connections. Variable-speed operation is possible, but the speed range is fixed for each application. For use in explosive atmospheres, the motor is available available with non-sparking (Ex n) and pressurised (Ex p) protection.