23 Jul 2024


Torque flange sensor is two-in-one

Torque flange sensor is two-in-one

Swiss and German developers have teamed up to produce a torque flange sensor which they claim is the first to offer the option of a second measuring range. This, they say, will allow accurate testing in upper and lower torque ranges without having to change sensors.

The TMF transducer, developed jointly by Magtrol (formerly Vibro-meter`s instrumentation division) in Switzerland, and GIF in Germany, uses strain-gauge measurement. The sensor is available in rated torques of 450, 1,100 or 2,800Nm, with the optional second measuring range typically being rated at 1/10 of the nominal torque.

The sensor produces torque, speed, and sense of rotation outputs and has claimed accuracy of 0.1%. It has a high torsional stiffness and a 500% overload capacity.