23 Jul 2024


Thumb-sized servo drive is `world`s smallest`

Thumb-sized servo drive is `world`s smallest`

A Californian company claims to have developed the world`s smallest programmable DC servo driver and controller. AllMotion`s EZSV10 controller, which is smaller than a standard quadrature encoder, can be used with most brushed motors up to 3.8cm diameter with little or no tuning, and can control up to 16 daisy-chained motors via a four-wire bus. The device accepts high-level commands from a serial port to control motors drawing up to 1.5A continuous (2A peak), from 12-40V supplies.

AllMotion says that programming the $199 controller is so intuitive that first-time users will usually have a servo motor moving intelligently is less than 30m minutes. “Our goal is reduce cost for integrators,” says the company`s president, David Goodwin. This is achieved, he adds, “in a package the size of your thumb, making fully distributed control possible in miniature motion control applications like never before”.

The 24mm x 35mm x 15.24mm controller can be set to execute a string of commands when power is applied. It can operate by itself or connected to a PC, via an RS-232/485 port. Programs are stored in an on-board EEPROM. The controller, which can operate in position, velocity or torque modes, provides programmable ramps and speeds.