22 Jul 2024


The size is right

At the Hannover Fair in April, Lenze is unveiling a family of flexible frequency inverters designed to cater for a wide variety of applications. The 8400 inverters come in three versions with varying levels of sophistication, and offer a choice of 330 options, allowing users to tailor the drive to their precise needs. Lenze calls this “rightsizing”.

Lenze 8400 BaseLine

Initially, the inverters will span ratings from 0.25–2.2kW single-phase, and 0.37–11kW three-phase. The entry-level BaseLine version (shown above) is aimed at steady-movement tasks, such as conveyors, pumps and fans. The mid-range StateLine model (below) includes brake control, PID and flying restart functions, and is aimed at single- or multi-drive networked applications, with or without speed feedback.

Lenze 8400 BaseLine

The flagship HighLine series adds built-in software for positioning and indexing tasks, and is aimed at high-performance networked applications. It includes hardware for controlling electromagnetic brakes to reduce wear.

All three versions share the same dimensions, fixings and terminal assignments for the same power rating, and support the same software functions. All handle 200% starting overloads, and will operate in temperatures up to 45°C without derating, allowing smaller drives than usual to be used is some applications. They all include motor identification and data-logging functions, and can be configured and diagnosed using Lenze’s L-force Engineer software tool, that also supports other product lines such as servo drives and HMIs.

The drives’ parameter settings are stored in plug-in memory modules that can be programmed remotely on a PC. If a drive needs to be replaced, the module is simply transferred to the new drive, avoiding the need to download data or configure the drive.

The two higher-spec inverters include: onboard CANopen ports; brake choppers; external 24V supplies; frequency inputs; and PID controls. They also offer flying restart and S-ramp functions. Options include safe torque off to SIL3, and plug-in modules to support Profibus, Ethernet PowerLink, EtherCat and Profinet communications.

Lenze expects to produce 26,000 of the 8400 drives this year. The BaseLine version is being built at its ACTech operation in the US and the larger models at its headquarters in Hamelin, Germany.