23 Jul 2024


Software controller with failsafe PC-based control is ‘first’

At the Hannover Fair in Germany in April, Siemens will unveil what it claims is the world’s only software controller with failsafe PC-based control that is independent of the operating system. The new Simatic 1507S F controller is essentially a S7-1500 software controller with built-in safety.

Siemens says that the development eliminates the need for a safety controller, saving space and costs, and cutting the engineering overhead. The combination of PC-based control and high-level language programs makes the new software controller especially suitable for special-purpose machines.

Because it runs independently from Windows, the controller offers high system availability. This will help it to boot quickly, and allow Windows to be updated and rebooted while the controller is running.

Siemens is also adding safety functions to its distributed Simatic ET 200SP open controller for the first time. The new CPU 1515SP PC F allows standard and failsafe automation tasks to be handled by one device. The advantages include lower engineering and service costs, a smaller space requirement in the control cabinet, and lower stocks of spare parts.

The modular Simatic ET 200SP open controller will be especially suitable for series machine manufacturing. It combines the functions of a PC-based software controller with visualisation, Windows applications, and central I/Os in a single, compact device.

In another development, Siemens is upgrading its compact, rugged Simatic ET 200pro distributed controllers for standard and fail-safe automation tasks with new CPUs based on the latest Simatic S7-1500 technology. The CPU1516pro-2 PN will be available from mid-2016 in standard and failsafe versions for tasks up to Performance Level e in a single unit. The system’s IP65/67-protected I/O system can be mounted directly onto machinery.