24 Jul 2024


Smart sensors will spot cable problems before they fail

ABB’s cable protection system will provide real-time monitoring to reduce unexpected cable failures

ABB is developing a cable protection system that will be able to sense potential problems, such as condensation or rising temperatures, in the conduit that protects critical electrical cables. Using the analytical power and secure cloud-based communications of ABB’s Ability platform, the system will report and analyse data remotely, and allow facility managers to keep tabs on their electrical cables via smartphones, laptops or other remote devices.

The technology is similar to the smart sensors that ABB is already using to monitor motors, pumps and bearings, which effectively converts the equipment into smart, wirelessly connected devices.

The Cable Protection System (CPS) smart sensor technology – currently being developed at ABB’s research and development centre in Switzerland – will provide real-time monitoring to reduce the likelihood of unexpected cable failures. The CPS sensors will attach to the conduit and will be designed to withstand the same pressures and harsh environments that the conduit itself must withstand, while requiring little or no maintenance of their own.

The ability to pinpoint components with potential problems could allow managers to replace or repair only equipment that needs attention, rather than performing mass replacements at fixed intervals.

“We are bringing cable protection into the world of Industry 4.0 with the CPS smart sensor – a tool that will give managers levels of information and control over their electrical systems that are unheard of today,” says Claudio Fegino, global product group manager for ABB Cable Protection. “This product is the first of its kind in the world, and we are proud to be on the verge of introducing it to the market.”