22 Jul 2024


Smaller, lighter drive is ‘more cost-efficient than a servomotor’

The German drives specialist, Stöber has developed a compact, efficient electric drive that is much lighter and smaller than an asynchronous drive, yet has the same output as a more expensive servodrive. It describes the LeanMotor as a robust, cost-effective AC motor replacement for users seeking higher performance at a lower cost.

More rugged than a synchronous motor, and delivering better performance than an asynchronous motor, the new motor exceeds the IE4 efficiency level. Speed and torque can be varied from a standstill up to maximum speed with full torque control, without needing position sensors.

Stöber says that the LeanMotor avoids the need to use heavier and larger synchronous motors, and that its smaller size and lower weight will result in a 30% improvement in cost-efficiency. The motor can also be controlled more dynamically and efficiently than an asynchronous motor with incremental encoder, because of its lower flywheel mass.

The motor’s fan-less design, with a built-in holding brake, makes it smaller than comparable drives. Its robust construction means that it can be used for dynamic tasks in harsh environments. It is suitable for applications that are exposed to high levels of vibration and oscillation.

The small, lightweight motors allow engineers to design more compact machines, with low commissioning and maintenance costs. A single power connection makes the motors easy to install.

Users benefit from reduced energy consumption and long service lives.

When combined with Stöber’s SC6 or SI6 drive controls, speed and positional accuracy is claimed to be ±1 degree. The motor can be combined with a wide range of the company’s gears and accessories, including rugged spring-loaded holding brakes.

Potential applications for the new motor include precision positioning as well as packaging, paper-making and pump drives.