23 Jul 2024


Single-tool valve system is fast and easy to assemble

At the recent Hannover Fair, Aventics launched a modular pneumatic valve system designed to cut the number of components needed and to simplify assembly by using a single tool. The time-saving ES05 Essential Valve System is said to reduce the risk of faults and to offer a cost-effective, tailored way of meeting users’ needs.

“Our customers asked for a simple, component-reduced, flexible, and efficient standard valve – tailored to their application,” explains Aventics’ CEO, Paul Cleaver. Machine-builders, system integrators and others can configure customised systems online from a set number of components. “Assembling a valve system has never been faster or easier,” says Cleaver.

Orders are supplied as complete assembly kits. All components are unique which makes incorrect installation almost impossible. All fittings are tightened to the same torque, further simplifying assembly and preventing errors. The portfolio includes a test box that can verify the correct function and leak-tightness of the valves before they are installed.

Users connect the end and base plates and can extend the system in pairs up to 12 single- or double-solenoid valves. The valves can be controlled via single wiring with a type CI plug in accordance with ISO 15217, a 25-pin D-sub connection, an IO-Link interface, or Aventics’ AES electronics which supports all common fieldbus and Ethernet protocols. The pilots are incorporated into the base and, if necessary, the pilot coils can also be turned at a later stage to allow mixed connection configurations. A switching time of less than 35ms for all valve functions supports dynamic operations.

The valves have robust polymer housings and can handle pressures up to 8 bar. For single wiring, they comply with IP65, allowing the system to be installed in decentralised locations exposed to splashing water. Other connection types comply with IP50.

Aventics is the company set up in 2014 to run Bosch Rexroth’s former pneumatics business.