24 Jul 2024


Signal tower add-on monitors machine performance

At the recent SPS/IPC/Drives show, Werma revealed an enhanced wireless machine monitoring system with functions such as piece-part counting, job performance monitoring, and displays of fulfilment levels. The Win (wireless information network) system is an add-on for Werma’s KombiSign signal towers that can monitor up to 50 machines, irrespective of their age or manufacturer, and transmit the details wirelessly over distances of up to 300m.

The new module, called Win Slave Performance, consists of both hardware and software. The plug-and-play accessory transmits data to a receiver connected to a PC via USB. It can monitor piece-part counts and analyse the progress of a job on a machine. The hardware monitors up to six different machine status conditions, as well as counting piece-part production.

A new facility for monitoring job performance criteria can help to cut idle time. The new display of the “fulfilment” level of a job in hand allows any time frame – for example, a shift last week – to be viewed retrospectively at the touch of a button. If the status condition of a machine changes, an email can be generated automatically and sent to a PC or smartphone

Werma is offering two Win starter kits: one, for monitoring three machines, comes with three signal tower kits; the second, designed for an existing Werma KS70/71 installation, contains the parts that convert an existing signal tower to monitor machines.