25 Jul 2024


Servodrive extends motion on EtherNet/IP to smaller applications

Rockwell Automation has announced a single-axis EtherNet/IP servodrive that, it says, can cut the cost of deploying integrated motion on low-axis machines. The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 drive covers the power range 400W to 3kW and supports 120V AC inputs, allowing use in some non-industrial applications.

When used with Rockwell’s CompactLogix 5370 programmable automation controllers and PanelView Plus HMIs, the new servodrive (above) is said to provide a cost-effective entry into Rockwell’s Integrated Architecture system. This system uses a single design environment for applications from 200–10,000 I/O, allowing machine-builders to migrate their existing machine designs to new, higher-end machine designs, and vice versa.

The new drive supports Safe Torque-Off, allowing tasks such as machine setup, cleaning, removal of jams and other maintenance tasks that previously required power-down conditions, to be carried out without shutting down. Instead, the drive output is disabled, allowing faster machine restarts.

“By leveraging EtherNet/IP for control and motion, machine-builders can help their customers effectively integrate machine-level data with business-level data for improved management and decision-making,” says Rockwell product manager, Paul Sipe. “The Kinetix 350 on EtherNet/IP also helps machine-builders to re-use code to reduce their design, installation and commissioning time. This leaves more time and funds to focus on innovation that will drive business growth.”