23 Jul 2024


Servo family adds 200V converters and low-inertia motors

Siemens has expanded its servodrive portfolio by adding 200V converters and motors with lower shaft heights and moments of inertia. The 200V converters are up to 25% smaller than the existing 400V Sinamics V90 versions, thus saving cabinet space.

The new motors offer lower moments of inertia than the existing Simotics S-1FL6 versions, allowing a wide range of motion control tasks to be implemented cost-effectively. They are aimed at dynamic motion and processing applications – positioning, transporting and winding, for example. The motors have a three-fold overload capacity.

There are eight converter sizes and seven different motor shaft heights available, spanning a power range from 0.05–7kW. The drive system is suitable for single- or three-phase networks.

Built-in functions include pulse train input positioning, Modbus/USS connections to higher-level controllers, internal positioning, as well as speed and torque control. An integrated braking resistor is said to improve dynamic performance. The servo converter also offers rapid pulse train inputs up to 1MHz, and supports absolute encoders with a 20-bit resolution. These functions result in fast positioning accuracy and low levels of speed ripple.