23 Jul 2024


Servo drive delivers accuracy during run-ups

Servo drive delivers accuracy during run-ups

Quin Systems has developed a servo drive that can operate registration systems with an accuracy of almost ±0.1m at speeds of more than 100m/min. The Q-Drive can even achieve this performance while running up to speed, thus minimising scrap, saving time and boosting productivity in applications such as printing, packaging, converting and embossing.

The drive, which is available in single- and three-phase versions up to 30A, can be used with incremental or absolute encoders, resolvers or, for the highest resolution (16 times higher than a resolver), SinCoder/SinCos feedback devices. As well as digital inputs and outputs, there is an analogue input, and in applications such as tension and registration control, installations can often be implemented without an external PLC.

If a PLC is needed, it can be connected via the drive`s CANbus interface, which can also be used to expand the I/O. For larger installations, the drives can be linked via a Servonet network, providing distributed motion control without losing bandwidth.

The drives can be programmed via a network or one of two serial ports. A built-in high-resolution oscilloscope function can monitor currents, velocities or drive temperatures. If cam profile or non-linear motions are needed, these can be programmed using optional motion generator software.