23 Jul 2024


Service helps members to make digital journeys

Schneider Electric’s EcoCare scheme will use a team of experts based at its Connected Services Hub in Warrington.

Schneider Electric has launched a membership service for its customers to help with digital transformations by giving them access to expert advice, expedited emergency response SLAs, continuous monitoring, optimised maintenance, and recommendations for enhancing system performance and energy management. The EcoCare service will operate from Schneider’s Connected Services Hub in Warrington.

According to Kelly Becker, president of Schneider’s UK & Ireland operation, “members of the EcoCare membership service will benefit from advanced digital functionalities that deliver real-time insights and drive further reduced downtime, enhanced operational effectiveness, and improved environmental sustainability”.

Schneider says that EcoCare membership will:
• cut unplanned downtime by up to 75% through faster response times and 24/7 remote monitoring and alarming;
• cut planned downtime by up to 40% using condition-based maintenance, and enabling dynamic maintenance scheduling; and
• extend asset lifecycles and reduce carbon emissions.

The EcoCare package includes access to:
• a team of remote and on-site experts;
• faster response times, with spare parts discounts, for improved efficiency and reliability; and
• technologies that enable digital transformation, and expert recommendations on how to enhance system performance and energy management.

There are three levels of EcoCare service from “Essential”, offering remote access to experts and 24/7 monitoring and alarming, to “Advanced+”, which includes condition-based maintenance and recommendations for dynamic maintenance.

Schneider’s Connected Services Hub in Warrington is part of a global network of hubs to provide access to more than 125 experts around the clock, around a quarter of them being based in the UK.

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