23 Jul 2024


September News in Brief

The Timken Corporation has launched a packaged magnetic encoder designed to provide increased reliability and performance compared to optical encoders, especially in high shock and vibration conditions. The patented THS25 encoder offers resolutions from 100–2,560 lines, and is available with IP50 or IP66 protection.

BASF and Delta Electronics are developing a magnet-based cooling technology which could use half the energy of refrigerant-based systems. The “magnetocaloric” technology avoids the need for gaseous refrigerants and is quieter than compressor-based systems. The idea dates back to 1880 when a German physicist found that ferromagnetic materials heat up in a magnetic field and cool down when removed. New materials and powerful magnets could now make this a practical and efficient cooling technology. BASF is scaling up production of materials that show a magnetocaloric effect at low temperatures.

The US high-efficiency motor and controls developer UQM Technologies is receiving a $45.1m award from the US Department of Energy to accelerate the manufacturing and deployment of electric vehicles, batteries and components. The award, made under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, provides for a 50% cost-share by UQM, raising the project value to $90.2m.

The German test and measurement specialist HBM has launched a technology that configures transducers and sensors automatically for measurement tasks, without needing an extra amplifier. The TEDSdongle is based on the open TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) technology, which recognises and configures measurement chains automatically. Using the dongle with TEDS-compatible sensors is said to cut set-up times and costs and to deliver reliable, repeatable measurement results.