23 Jul 2024


Schneider revives Berger Lahr identity

Schneider Electric has decided to revive the Berger Lahr name for the SIG Positek motion control operation that it bought last year for a reported €195m. Although it is 12 years since the Swiss SIG group bought Berger Lahr and renamed it, Schneider is confident that the old name has not been forgotten, and intends to use it to spearhead its drive into the motion control sector.

Schneider sees positioning technology as being of great strategic importance and hopes to become a world leader in this field, in the same way that it claims to have taken a lead in the frequency converter market through its joint venture with Toshiba. Drives technology already generates annual sales of £125m for Schneider and it hopes to boost this to £310m. Last year, the Berger Lahr business grew by 20%.

Schneider has renamed SIG Positec`s systems division as Selectron Systems and will run its components division as an independent business called Mechatronic, targeting OEM customers. Also falling under the Schneider Electric Motion umbrella is its Num CNC business.