22 Jul 2024


Rockwell buys ACP to boost its Connected Enterprise strategy

Rockwell Automation has acquired US-based Automation Control Products (ACP), which specialises in centralised thin-client, remote desktop and server management software. ACP’s two core products, ThinManager and Relevance, help to manage information and streamline workflows in connected manufacturing environments.

ACP, located in Alpharetta, Georgia has fewer than 30 employees. Its systems are installed in 3,000 locations globally and it has more than 1,000 customers in 30 countries, including almost 30 of the top 100 global manufacturers.

Rockwell says that the acquisition supports its strategy to help customers increase their global competitiveness through the Connected Enterprise – connecting information from across the plantfloor with the rest of the enterprise.

“With ACP’s industry-leading products now in our portfolio, we can provide new capabilities for workers as the manufacturing environment becomes more digital and connected,” says Frank Kulaszewicz, Rockwell’s senior vice-president of architecture and software.

ACP’s ThinManager centralises the management and visualisation of content to all facets of modern manufacturing operations, from the control room to the end-user. It streamlines workflows and allows users to cut hardware operating and maintenance costs. ThinManager is said to be used by more than a quarter of global manufacturers with annual revenues above $25bn.

Relevance extends the ThinManager functions through a proprietary location-based technology, giving users’ secure mobile access to content and applications from anywhere.

“We are a perfect addition to Rockwell Automation’s industrial automation offerings that aim to increase reliability, productivity and security as well as lower energy and maintenance costs, while implementing sustainable technology for leading global manufacturers,” says ACP’s CEO, Matt Crandell. “We are confident that our customers will quickly see the value from our two organisations working to address their needs together.”